The Science behind Fiber Fresh

Fiber Fresh have always received anecdotal evidence from farmers that Fiber Fresh reared calves graze like “mini cows” when weaning. To find out why, Fiber Fresh commissioned extensive trial work, comparing calf development on Fiber Fresh feed and traditional meal systems.

Findings & Advantages

  • 18% heavier rumen - larger capacity at weaning. No weaning check.
  • Greater papillae growth - formed only in the first 10 weeks, the greater development of the papillae support better rume efficiency.
  • Better rumen wall development - Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently through the wall of the rumen
  • Better rumen metabolic function - More of the feed is being absorbed and utilised by the animal
  • Earlier indication of rumen development - Adult-like rumen activity and early metabolic signs of rumination. Grass ready in 7 weeks.
  • Adult rumen - VFA (Volatile Fatty Acid), better microflora - Microflora population is crucial to the animal getting the best utilisation of pasture

Rumen Comparison

Research trials showed Fiber Fresh-reared calves developed bigger rumens that were 18% heavier than the control reared calves. Both calves were seven weeks old and weighed 78kg.

Rumen ComparisonPapillae Development