Our Story


Passionately Striving To Make A Difference

Established in 1984, Fiber Fresh was developed with your animals’ health and wellbeing in mind.

From the beginning, we have combined the power and brilliance of the lucerne plant with our entirely natural, world-first, trademarked processes, to create products with unrivalled levels of nutrients and energy. These all-natural products boast a variety of remedial, preventative and performance benefits, all of which provide a strong nutritional foundation for your animals.

Over the years, we have evolved from industry pioneers to become a recognised international brand, producing forage feed products that contain all the essential ingredients required for a happy, healthy and top performing animal.

“At Fiber Fresh, we do things differently – and for good reasons. I believe that nature provides for most of what we all need in life. Our role at Fiber Fresh is to optimise these benefits for the health of your animals.”