Feeding Advice


For optimal health and performance Fiber Fresh needs to be first in the feed bowl every time.

If you truly want the best for your horse then you’ll choose Fiber Fresh as the foundation ingredient in every meal, every time.

Forage feed is the most essential part of an equine diet and what you put in reflects what you’ll get out. Fiber Fresh forage is the equivalent of feeding them a superfood, so get the best out of your horse by choosing the right product.

Getting the right amount of high quality forage feed in the feed bowl is overlooked far too often. Getting it right means improved gut function, digestive health and total digestability of the diet. Meals containing a high percentage of grains and concentrates often lead to issues such as gastric ulcers so it is important that each and every meal is correctly balanced, starting with the right amount of Fiber Fresh forage feed.

If you are feeding concentrates, a 2:1 ratio will ensure each meal is correctly balanced for your horse. Weigh your Fiber Fresh forage feed then add half of this weight in grains and concentrates to obtain the 2:1 ratio

Feed example:
2kg of FiberProtect® and 1kg of a typical Sport Horse mix provides the same energy and 31% more quality protein than 2kg of the same sport horse mix fed by itself.

“The National Research Council (NRC) guidelines advise that a horse should never be fed more than 50% of its total diet as grains or concentrates”

Feed Tips

  • Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily intake as a Fiber Fresh forage feed
  • Always feed by weight, not volume – use scales
  • Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day
  • Always provide access to water